American High School Dual Diploma- US High School Integration Hybrid Program


 American High School Dual Diploma – US High School Integration

Hybrid Program

This innovative program offers students the possibility of obtaining a fully accredited US High School Diploma whilst studying in their home country as well as participating in our High School Integration component in the USA

Quality Digital Learning + Quality US High School Integration = Complete Quality US Experience

Andrew Trevor Plumb

Program Director


On successful completion of their High School studies in their home country and of their Dual Diploma Program, students obtain 2 high school qualifications:

The High School Certificate from their home country school

An accredited US High School Diploma from our partner school: American High School in Plantation, Florida

Our American High School Worldwide Dual Diploma component is a quality US educational program which runs parallel to our students’ home country studies.

Students complete the program at the same time as their secondary and high school years (usually 3 years) through our modern, user friendly Learning Management System

On completion of our Dual Diploma component, our students are extremely well prepared. They have a high level of English, as well a good knowledge of US culture and education, important life skills like time management, autonomy, prioritization, user skills in digital technology, etc. making them excellent candidates for US and other international Universities.

 Our Dual Diploma component opens the door for our students to excellent opportunities both in higher education and in the employment market by differentiating them from other candidates.

High School Integration component in the USA

Our US High School Integration groups are accompanied by a Language Kingdom free time specialist coordinator and also a native activity group leader.
Students stay with an American host family (typically 2 or 4 weeks) and are integrated into a local school near the host family location which is also attended by their American “Buddy” where they have the same timetable and obligations as a local student who goes to the school on a daily basis.

Our integration students also enjoy a full activity program for the duration of their stay.

Students are integrated into classes like any other student and they get to “live out” the study culture of an American High School.

This integration component to our Hybrid Program ensures that our international students benefit from a complete, quality US experience

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